Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a new project

I got a wild hair today and started a new project. I really dislike a lot of things about our house. I complain more often than I should (really get on Hubs nerves). When we first moved in, we (or rather I) had lots of plans for improvement. It didn't happen the way I planned, but what usually does. This is our laundry room/ back entrance. The door that most visitors come through and the first thing you see.  

I didn't paint this. It was already there for us. I have wanted to repaint this for a LONG time. Walls don't paint themselves, so I picked up a brush and got started.
I have decided to paint it Sailcloth (BM) to embrace the beach house white. If it suits me, there may be more rooms to change. One coat this evening and many more to go.

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