Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gotta be the queen of something

I am officially the queen of unfinished projects.  Just ask anyone who has been to our home.  First you see the yard with several unmulched flower beds and the grass that desperately needs a cut. My sweet girl tells me my "yellow flowers are beautiful Mommy"...
but Mommy knows she did not plant these beauties - they are weeds! lol

The porch painting project that I can't find the free time to finish.
The new front door painted, but still unhung.
The hundred yoyos I have waiting to become a quilt.
The list goes on...

Today I can take one thing off the list. My sweet boy has a new chalkboard (Toy Story style) for his room.
I am thrilled to have one on the completed side of my list. Shepherd looks pretty happy too!


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